Do I need any special qualifications or knowledge coming into the experience?

None. This is an experience for anybody who is curious, creative, and interested in new ideas.

I don't know anything about Bach; is this still for me?

You don’t need to know anything about J.S. Bach to enjoy this experience – you just need to have an interest in culture and the interplay of music, art, and life! If you happen to enjoy the music of J.S. Bach, you will probably have an even greater appreciation for the things that you’ll discover here.

Do I need special equipment to participate?

The most important things that you will need for this experience are your mind and your heart.  Beyond that, we recommend a laptop or desktop computer for optimal access to all features of the community and for the best video and audio experience. If your device of choice is tablet or phone, you will be able to access everything via mobile.

When does the program start?

Episodic content will begin dropping weekly on May 1. After that, there will be new content released each Monday, with occasional drops of special bonus content throughout the program.

Can I experience this at my own pace?

Absolutely! You can view episodes on-demand from the date of their release, and participate in community conversations at any time, depending upon the level of your registration.

How does the community work?

The community is a private, moderated space for people to connect and exchange ideas in thematic and affinity-based discussion groups. This space will feature weekly programming and break-out discussions for the livestream sessions with Yo-Yo and guests.

Community access is based on your tier of registration. If you sign up as a Collaborator, you will have full access to all features and programming within the community. If you sign up at the Participant tier and later wish to upgrade for community access; you may do so by emailing us at

Access to the community becomes available to Collaborators starting April 19, via the site.

How long will I have access to the content after purchase?

You will be able to access the program content until the end of this year (2023).

Do you offer any special rates or discounts?

We offer special rates for students and teachers, and for folks who work in the non-profit or charitable sectors – email at (please use the email address associated with your institution or organization) and we’ll tell you more!

My non-profit organization is interested in having its members participate in this program – can special arrangements be made for that?

It sure can – reach out at, and we will work with you to make that possible.

I would love to do this program with friends. Are there options for me?

If you are looking to buy access for multiple people, or a group of seats for the Collaborator experience, email us at; we’ve got a special package for you.

Who is CafeMedia?

The Music Art Life platform and site is managed by the experience’s presenter, CafeMedia. When you receive your next debit or credit card statement, this is the company to which the charges will be attributed.

What's your refund policy?

Refunds are available until you view the first week of content in the experience. There are no refunds beyond 14 days after purchase.

I have more questions!

We have more answers! Email us at